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CQ6230D Lathe


  Induction hardened, precision ground V-way bed.
  D1-4 spindle is supported by high quality tapered roller bearing.
  Hardened, precision ground gears in headstock.
  Gearbox has large feed and threading functions.
  Independent leadscrew and feed rod.
  Carriage mounted spindle control lever.
  Adjustable gibs for slideways.
  Automatic feed and threading are fully interlocked.
  Tailstock can be offset for turning tapers.
  Tolerance test certificate, test flow chart included.


 Model No.
 Distance between centers
750/914 mm
 Swing over bed
300 mm
 Swing over gap
430 mm
 Swing over cross slide
180 mm
 Width of bed
181 mm
 Taper of spindle bore
 Spindle bore
38 mm
 Step of spindle speeds

 Range of spindle speeds

75-1400 rpm
 Range of cross feeds
0.018-0.238 mm/r
 Range of longitudinal feeds
0.078-1.044 mm/r
 Range of inch threads
2-1/2-40 T.P.I
 Range of metric threads
0.45-10 mm
 Top slide travel
76 mm
 Cross slide travel
175 mm
 Tailstock quill travel
90 mm
 Taper of tailstock quill
1.1 kw
 Packing size
1730/1960x750x1450 mm
 Net weight

480/550 kg


 Standard Accessories
 Optional Accessories
 3-jaw chuck (160mm)
 Coolant system
 4-jaw chuck (200mm)
 Foot brake
 Face plate (250mm)
 Halogen work lamp
 Steady rest
 Taper turning attachment
 Follow rest
 Digital readout system
 Splash guard
 Micro carriage stop
 Stand & oil tray
 Leadscrew cover
 Toolbox & tools
 Chuck guard
 Tool post cover
 Quick change tool post
 Turning tools

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