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Overheadrail Series



  Accomplishing blast cleaning tasks and solving transport problem at the same time and in compliance with the system.
  This kind of machine has been renowed for a variety of applications in different production areas.they offer ideal condictions for effective and economical blast cleaning.the use of hangers allows for reliable and economical blast cleaning of components ,from small to large castings and truck frames.
  Range of applications almost without any limits
  Desanding and final blast cleaning of castings-especially parts susceptible to breakage and impact damage
  Descaling of fording or hardened steel parts
  Shot peening
  Deburring of plastic parts
  Besides versatile application,also it can offer a great number of further advantages.
  Compact design and ease of operation
  High blast cleaning performance
  Economical abrasive consumption,reliable cleaning and dust collection.
  A wide range of machines types for different production rates and workpices of different sizes.
  Easy intergration into existing production lines with a variety of options for step-by step extension and mechanization (modular design).
  Long life due to highly wear – resistant material
  High operational safety,low maintenance and maintenance-friendly design
(external bearings,easily replaceable wear parts.
  High sand separation capacity with air-wash separation.
  Machines provide in practical application
  The basic series comprise machine housings of different sizes equipped with 2,3,4 or more blast, wheels,depending on the dimensions of the parts to be cleaned and the output required, it is possible to connect several machine modules in series.
The concept covers machine for reversible or throughfeed operation.normally,machine installation is possible without any foundations.for processing large parts inlet and outlet sluices can be provided.
Important machine components:
Sturdy welded housing structure reinforced with profiles
Heavy- duty turbines
Abrasive circuit
Abrasive cleaning
Overhand monorail system
Surface directly exposed to the blasting stream are protected by hardened tool steel liners,the unique blast wheel arrangement ensures that all faces of components even with undercut walls and surfaces,can be cleaned in one passage.
Many ways for adequate and innovative solutions
Overhead monorail system as transport equipment offer a variety of possibilities for an optimum material flow and moreover contribute to a considerable reduction of finishing costs.also allow for accomplishing blast cleaning tasks while at the same time solving handling problems in compliance within an overall system.rails,switch points and crossing permit the material flow to any further operation.routing changes ot extensions can be implemented without great expenditure.the transport hanger id loaded outside the machine by hand, forklift ,truck crance,lifting gear or robot and then  moves into the shot blast cabinet where all faces of the workpieces are treated in one passage.
Reversible or throughtfeed operation
Within the blasting zone the hanger is rotated and oscillated using a drive unit. reversing operation ( clockwise and counter – clockwise rotation) is available as as additional mode. This model of operation, allows the shot blasting at different angles to the workpieces thus avoiding the blast shadows.
Efficiency and precision blast wheels
Our blast wheels are renewed for high capacity and efficiency.these blast wheels come in various power ratings,giving a high degree of flexibility. due to the reversibility of the blast wheel rotatation,the range of applications can be considerably extended.the amount of abrasive can be adjusted from the operator’s panel.the abrasive is mechanically pre-accelerated and delivered to the blast wheel in a continnous stream.this ensures optimal utilization of the power from the drive motors ,high wear resistant material ensures maximum service life of the blast wheel,unique design features allow for rapid and simple replacement of wear parts.
efficient cleaning of abrasive for perfectly cleaning castingsabrasive contaminated by moulding sand,core sand or scale will considerably reduce the cleaning capacity of any shot blast mahine, it will, moreover, increase wear and cause deposit built up on the orkpieces,separators adapted to the application and to the amount of sand involved operation can reliably and effectively solve the problems.

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