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Section/H-Bean Series




⑴Ari-shoc cartridge filter unit
⑶ Bucket elevator
⑷(Windsifter)Abrasive preparation unit(Windsifter with pre-separator/abrasive silo)
⑸ Rotation brush
⑹ Lift/lowering unit
⑺ Blow-off unit with air circulation
⑻ Abrasive hopper
⑼ Central dust removal
⑽ Noise dampening chamber
⑾ Shot blast chamber
⑿ Turbines
⒀ Roller vonveyor system
⒁ Spiral conveyor
1.       Carrying out getting rid of alien substance, lust, and scaling attached on the surface of H-beams, channels, angles. Because this machine is manufactured as one body from shot blasting to painting process, it is possible to do all process without manpower.
2. This machine make possible perform all process for itself to make
goods like steel plate and beam.
3. With the inner lining treatment using Hi-Mn plate, it make possible
reduce exchange cost and increase working rate of machine.
4. Carrying out continuous working by installing loading and unloading
5. Improving working environment through preventing scatteration of shot
balls with installing front door.
6. Blow-off part : maximizing cleaning power through eliminating
abrasive which is loaded at goods.

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